Juneathon – Day #2


Today was better. We had about 9 people doing the Zumba session. Great class, buckets of sweat, lots of bum-shaking and all ended up too soon. Tomorrow a new challenge is building up. I still can’t see myself running (eek, eek, eek)…there is no Zumba scheduled…only a cycling/spinning thingy where willing participants pretend they are climbing Mount Everest on a stationary bike!!!  It’s good for the butt and legs but I dont think it will be good for my soul. Therefore, I will need to develop strategies to keep happy while I pursue fitness and keep going with this insane idea of doing Juneathon…I don’t think the instructor will allow Jethro Tull music…nor a Kevin Spacey film…holy cow, I am in trouble. More tomorrow after 12.00 (which is when the spinning thingy will end!)


  1. Yes, spinning can be a bit mind-numbing for someone who is used to shaking and twirling. But it is a great cardio exercise – I did the odd spinning class and I could hardly walk home afterwards.

    1. I hope I can move afterwards…I am supposed to do Dance Fusion on Monday (whatever that is!!).

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