When denial helps you exercise – Juneathon, day #3

So,  I did a spinning class today, and it was not that bad. So far Juneathon 2012 has been flawless! But, is spinning something I may consider doing on a regular basis and feel happy about it? No, I don’t think so.

I entered the room and saw people adjusting their spinners in many different ways. I asked for some help and managed to be able to sort the height of my sit and the height of the handle bars. Then, I sat on the bike! The first thought was: “how am I going to last 45 minutes on this thing”? I was already bored and it hadn’t even started. The instructor guided us through the warm-up routine and that’s when I decided I was not really there. My legs where spinning, my bum was hurting but I decided I was going to pretend I was doing something else! If you think hard enough you can convince yourself you’re not spinning. Never underestimate the power of denial! That’s the first lesson of the day. Denial helps you exercise if you reach a mental state where you can dissociate yourself from what you’re doing.

There is something else one should consider when doing an activity that’s good for one’s health, but doesn’t contribute to one’s happiness! And that’s the concept of “good enough is good enough and you don’t need more than that”. When I am Zumbing I give my very best. I pay attention to all the details of the routines. I try really hard, I give it all. But I don’t have to do this at all times. Sometimes, it’s OK to just do enough to get by. I didn’t increase the intensity of the bike every time the instructor told us so. I didn’t feel the need to really “climb this mountain with all the guts you have and achieve Nirvana”. Remember, I was not even there! And when the instructor looked at me and said “you’re the biggest cheater that has ever sat her bottom on these sacred bikes” I just grinned at him and kept pedalling at my own “good enough is good enough” rhythm and intensity.

 Was the objective achieved? Yes. I sweated buckets, my heart rate went up, I did it for 45 minutes which is a very healthy amount of time, I enjoyed the music and I cheated a bit in a sense that I didn’t do all the intensity increases that I was supposed to. But I was happy enough and that’s what I was also aiming for.

Tomorrow I will be doing something called “Dance Fusion”…more within my range of interests so I don’t think I will be using the denial tool. But it’s good to know I have it!



  1. Ah… denial: what a great idea! Check how your cheating inspired me 😉 http://bit.ly/N9KbSl

  2. Corrinne · · Reply

    I think you have a good system! You are much more likely to stick at it if you feel comfortable with your own attitude, rather than worrying about what everybody else expects of you. Personally, my form of exercise is walking everywhere; it fits with my lifestyle and gives me a bit of thinking time.

    Great looking blog, by the way!

    1. Thanks Corrinne. I am sure I will have to resort to walking sometime to fulfill my Juneathin committements. Walking is good and indeed, it helps the thinking. X

  3. […] I shamelessly cheated every time the imaginary hills were too much for my brain to process. See my post about denial to have a complete picture! I found that being a cycling cheater is fun and provokes the same […]

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