High intensity 2-hour circuit – Juneathon Day #5

This is Évora, Portugal. Welcome!

Juneathon day#5 was composed by two segments: 1) a high-intensity/high-impact 2 hour-training circuit and, 2) a 45min resistance session totally focused on the bum. Tim Weeks, please be proud of me! 

When one’s lucky enough to have been born in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world and come to visit frequently, things are much easier. I was born in Évora, Portugal and I have been here for a week. Today I walked for 2 hours, at a pace that fits the criteria of  moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. These are some of the places I walked through on this gorgeous day. (Apologies, I have never inserted a slideshow before…not sure how it will look!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, the 2nd part of the workout was at the gym, doing bum-focused activity that has left me totally numb!

Look at me!

And this is how it ended!

Disclaimer: Actually, I was fine!  Just being silly. Silliness plays a role in happiness!

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  1. Jealous – no, really, green with envy!

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