When you need more then what you get – Juneathon Day #4


Dance Fusion today, on Juneathon, Day #4. Very pleasant, but not enough. Ah, today was the opposite of yesterday. There I was, shaking and twirling, hipping and hopping, doing it all, but not getting it all. 

In this situation, denial doesn’t work. I can’t pretend I am sweating when I am not and the only message my muscles were telling my brain was: “We’re still waiting, hon…when does the thing start? Are you kidding? Not feeling a thing!”

So, another strategy was developed, which consisted of simplycoming home, getting on YouTube, blasting the following songs and making my muscles beg to stop:

Hometalk by Mango Groove (note the hyperlinks…this means you can click  on them and dance, as well!)

Waka Waka by Shakira –  and when she starts “Tsamina mina eh eh Waka Waka “…..you will lose control of your hips!!!

Finally, for a comforting ending, nothing better than having Buzz Lightyear dancing with Jessie the great Gypsy Kings’s hit  Hay Un Amigo En Mi…Ole! Happy? Oh yes! Juneathon goal achieved? Absolutely!

And because it is now pass midnight, I’ll say…good night!

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