Zumba craze – Juneathon Days 11 and 12

© Inês Varela-Silva. All rights reserved


Oh, blissful days of mine. Oh, blissful days of mine. I am back at work and zumbing daily. And that’s great. Juneathon goals have been fully achieved and high levels of happiness have been zooming (or, shall I say, zumbing!!) around. Yesterday, was Zumba fitness (the “normal” one) where you spend a full hour shaking all your bits and bobs, whooping a lot and sweating more. Today was Zumba Sentao – Sentao is supposed to mean “sit”, in Spanish… but somehow they got the letters mixed up and forgot the “d” before the “o”…the word in Spanish is “sentaDo”…but for now that doesn’t matter.

What is important to know here is that the variant “Sentao” implies that one will be zumbing on a chair and the first idea that pops into one’s mind is that this will be some kind of geriatric activity! But it is NOT…you keep shaking all your bits and bobs, for a full hour, but now you are also focusing on your abs, gluteous, tights, and triceps. The chair is not for meek ones to have a rest. The chair is the enemy, the chair is the barrier that needs to be defeated, no matter what…while you keep your wiggling levels very high! And one sweats…and one huffs and puffs and, on average, one expends about 400 calories in one session.

If there are people on Juneathon who like targets and motivational tools, then My Wellness Key can help (for  more info on this see post from Sunday, 10 June).

This is a summary of my daily activity ( yesterday and today logs). As you can see, I am over my daily target in both days.

© Inês Varela-Silva. All rights reserved

And it’s so much fun! Really it is…if I were not a lady (which I totally am) I would say that Zumba kicks so much ass that, in the end, there will be no ass to kick, at all!

Excuse my French!

Bonne Nuit


  1. LOL – It’s a good thing you are such a lady…

  2. My family just started doing the zumba fitness and its fun for them and fun to watch.

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