What a difference 4 days make. Juneathon Days 13 – 17

Well, it’s been a couple of days since my last post…lots of work and  virus have slowed me down.The Juneathon goals have been achieved, nonetheless, although carefully…and sometimes the best exercise is not doing anything and let your body rest. I am doing this today. The only plan besides napping and drinking lots of fluids is to go for a slow walk around the village.  Anyway, because I am supposed to blog about every single day of this Juneathon craze, here it goes.

Day 13 was achieved with a solid hour of good old gym-workout. No excitement except that I tried to Facebook while on the treadmill and failed totally. Never use a treadmill and Facebook at the same time. You end up posting misspelled words such as “Faceboob” and “Facebookink” and you totally lose track of your workout. Also, if your shoelaces get undone in the process you probably will not notice until you trip over and make a full of yourself in front of everybody else at the gym! Not good!

I am pleased to state that I still haven’t run a single day, which for me is a good thing! So, I  did a half-hour of a brisk treadmill walk at 6.5 km/h and after that a resistance session with free weights and blasting music. Mission accomplished. And the evidence is below. On Thursday I had a cracking Zumba session…and talking about Zumba, expect some exciting news soon about a Zumbathon that will take place on 14th July (otherwise what else could you all be looking forward to, after June is gone?)

At this point, if you’re still reading, you may ask then…how about Friday? Friday is off the chart!  Ahaha, 0n Friday I spent the whole day at the beautiful Health Spa of Ragdale Hall. Ragdale Hall is the ideal place for Juneathon, Julyathon, any-month-thon. You’re treated like royalty and once inside you really don’t want to get out ever again. I started with a great cycling session, in which, again, I shamelessly cheated every time the imaginary hills were too much for my brain to process. See my post about denial to have a complete picture! I found that being a cycling cheater is fun and provokes the same reactions on the instructors regardless if they are Portuguese or English! How dare I to desecrate this actively spiritual session by NOT increasing the intensity of the bike all the way to God-Knows-Where? Indeed. A good grinning works well in the UK as much as it works in Portugal so this is definitely a strategy to keep.

After the cycling session was time to enjoy all the pools at the Thermal Spa and then have a GREAT lunch. Oh the food is so great! The afternoon was dedicated to spa treatments and massages. Delightful. The day ended up with a Summer Afternoon Tea…and yes get green with envy…look at this




Copyright © Inês Varela-Silva, 2012. All rights reserved



Copyright © Inês Varela-Silva, 2012. All rights reserved


 Yesterday was “mummy’s-day” with my daugther in which we did lots of silly things and ended up going to the Cinema to watch Men in Black III. We walked a lot and did some “pretending” Zumba sessions where she was the teacher and I followed. Lot’s of fun, activity goals achieved  but by the end of the day I was hit by a virus and today will be for sure a very calm day. Being exercise-wise also means that one needs to know when to take a break. That’s what I will do.

Happy Father’s day to all!!


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