The last day of Juneathon

Photos by Lauren Lilley. Copyright © Lauren Lilley and Inês Varela-Silva, 2012. All rights reserved

That’s it…today, 30th June, marks the official end of Juneathon. Who succeded? Who was able to exercise everyday for 30 days? How did we juggle all our tasks, commitments, and whatever unexpected events  life brings to us? It requires skill, determination and a bit of craziness. I guess we all agree with this. Well, I was able to exercise everyday in June – except during three days in which a virus hit me mercilessly and I  felt really poorly…and under these conditions the clever thing to do is to stay put until the bug goes away.

I had a very busy month. The first two weeks were blogged here on a regular basis, but after the 13th things got a bit more complicated. So, I didn’t blog but I did exercise and that’s what counts most, right?

Zumba was my main form of exercise. I “Zumbed” three times a week. The rest of the days I did gym sessions and biked around Barrow-upon-Soar. If you recall my post “Out of the comfort zone” you will remember that I don’t want to deal with flat tyres or other imponderables. However, biking around your own village means that you can walk the bike home if something strange happens and therefore that’s OK! So biking has been elevated to one of the “yes” activities of the month.

I also went to London to see a play at The Old Vic Theatre. The play was Democracy, by Michael Frayn – who is an amazing writer. I strongly suggest you all to go down to London and see it.  Because I am a patron of The Old Vic I get to attend several backstage events and, on that day, I was fortunate enough to have met Michael Frayn and listen to a great talk about the play. Exercise wise, this was a day of walking. Walking in London is great, providing you have comfortable shoes. Now, comfortable shoes do not normally go with fancy clothes suitable for meetings with Michael Frayn…therefore, the solution is to walk around in comfy shoes that make you look very unattractive and short… and carry your Ferragamo in a nice bag (why not an Old Vic bag?). Then, at the door, you swap shoes, look glamorous again and your pedometer will nod at you with a happy face. Job done!

Besides this, I started planning other ways of making this daily exercise committment a permanent feature in my life. So, I am already signed up for the Bounce-a-thon. And what is this, you may ask?  This is “many people jumping on trampolines, at the same time!” The event will be held at Loughborough University on July 3rd 2012. According to the Bounce-a-thon website, this “will be part of the University’s Olympic Torch Relay celebrations as it passes through the campus that morning (…)  The Guinness World Records gave permission for us to attempt to break the world record for the most number of people bouncing on mini-trampolines at one time. The record currently stands at 287 and we shall be aiming for 300 people to attend”. Cool!

I also scheduled another Circus class at Circomedia (Bristol). This time it will be flying trapeze AND other circus skills. Can’t wait!! And, of course, there is the Zumbathon, right here in Barrow-upon-Soar, on 14th July, where we will be Zumbing for 4 hours. It’s a family event so bring all your crowd and get ready to shake it all for a good cause (this is a charity event in aid of mental illness). Is this enough? I guess so, for now.

In summary, this committment to exercise really made an impact in several ways. For example:

1. Knowing that we are able to sustain a committment, for such a long period of time, is very fulfilling and will reinforce our determination to pursue other endeavours.

2. The changes in our bodies are visible. During this month I got slimmer, stronger and with much more energy. And I put weight…muscle weight, not fat weight and that’s great!

3. I got creative in finding ways of moving, even when the days were long at work or when I had social commitments that wouldn’t link well with a training suit and a sweaty, red face!

4. Overall, my levels of happiness have been higher!

5. I am committed to exercise everyday. I got addicted to strong legs, firm arms, flat belly etc etc!!

So, thanks Juneathon, thanks Cathy! Thanks all!

And if by now you are asking something like “what’s with the weird photos posted here today”…oh well, that’s part of my mid-life crisis, that is NOT a crisis at all, as I am embracing and enjoying every bit of it…I had so much fun doing these photos that I am making the most out of them…and the instruments on my hands are anthropometric calipers: one to measure subcutaneous fat and the other to measure bone breadths and small body segments… and I leave you with this!

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