Deep thoughts about Spinning classes and Meat Loaf

I like to read Dave Barry’s nonsense (in moderation). So, once in a while, I spend some time looking at what he has been up to and, eventually, will find a gem like this one…about spinning classes and Meat Loaf songs. Enjoy!
“Recently, I started spinning with my wife. No, you pervert; spinning is a kind of exercise. You go into an enclosed space with other people and mount stationary bicycles and pedal furiously to oldies music until the atmosphere is 93 percent b.o. fumes and you feel as if shrews are gnawing your lungs, but you cannot stop because a spinning instructor with mutant pedaling powers is hectoring you to pedal faster until the end of the song, after which ANOTHER song starts and you must pedal more. This is when you discover how long certain songs really are. ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light,’ for example, is longer than dental school”.


You can find this and other words of wisdom in his book “I’ll mature when I’m dead” . Sometimes, when you read his books you will need to cover your nose because he talks a lot about flatulence… and that’s yucky!

Photo by Lauren Lilley. Copyright © Lauren Lilley and Inês Varela-Silva, 2012. All rights reserved

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