Playlists for the holidays


Photo by Mena Oliveira. Copyright © Mena Oliveira and Inês Varela-Silva, 2012. All rights reserved

Hello, it has been a while…finally the academic year is over and I am getting ready to go on holiday where the sun REALLY shines – i.e. Portugal!

The main goal of this holiday is, of course, to rest…in an active way, but away from gyms. Lots of walking, Zumba as much as possible, a week on the beach in Algarve and an update on my non-work related reading. Plus, good food, good wine, good friends, good family!

But, first things first…I am organizing a “Summer 2012 Playlist of awesomeness”

I will share it with you when I am done doing the first draft and you can always suggest more, or different.

However, so far, the first song on this playlist is not really a Summer Song, but it is a GREAT song: Piano Man, by Billy Joel.

Here it is the Original Version, back in 1973 and here a more recent version with Sir Elton John who messes up the lyrics but it is still great anyway. Just for the record, I can enjoy lots of non-holiday songs on my holiday…it has to be great music and meaningful lyrics, even if some of them are heavier. We don’t want to go totally brainless during summer, nes ce pas?

To be continued…

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