Participants needed for a study on Perceptions of energy intake/expenditure

© Inês Varela-Silva. All rights reserved

© Inês Varela-Silva. All rights reserved

Dear all.

It has been a while. However, it’s better late than never.

One of my students, Louise Edney, is conducting a research project on “Perceptions of energy intake and energy expenditure in adults”.

If you are an adult who lives in the Loughborough area, please consider taking part in this project.

You can start by filling this online survey and then please contact Louise  ( to book a suitable time to do the measurements – assessment of height, weight and body composition (via bioelectric impedance).

You will receive a report on your body mass and body composition parameters. Obviously any information your provide will be treated with strict confidentiality.

This study was approved by the Loughborough University Ethical Advisory Committee. All the consent forms, participation information sheets and other details will be provided by Louise.

Thank you very much and feel free to spread the word about this project. Stay tuned…I may start blogging again more frequently.

Keep Calm and ZUMBA!!

Keep calm and zumba

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