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Participants needed for a study on Perceptions of energy intake/expenditure

Dear all. It has been a while. However, it’s better late than never. One of my students, Louise Edney, is conducting a research project on “Perceptions of energy intake and energy expenditure in adults”. If you are an adult who lives in the Loughborough area, please consider taking part in this project. You can start […]

Playlists for the holidays

  Hello, it has been a while…finally the academic year is over and I am getting ready to go on holiday where the sun REALLY shines – i.e. Portugal! The main goal of this holiday is, of course, to rest…in an active way, but away from gyms. Lots of walking, Zumba as much as possible, […]

The last day of Juneathon

That’s it…today, 30th June, marks the official end of Juneathon. Who succeded? Who was able to exercise everyday for 30 days? How did we juggle all our tasks, commitments, and whatever unexpected events  life brings to us? It requires skill, determination and a bit of craziness. I guess we all agree with this. Well, I […]

What a difference 4 days make. Juneathon Days 13 – 17

Well, it’s been a couple of days since my last post…lots of work and  virus have slowed me down.The Juneathon goals have been achieved, nonetheless, although carefully…and sometimes the best exercise is not doing anything and let your body rest. I am doing this today. The only plan besides napping and drinking lots of fluids is to […]

Zumba craze – Juneathon Days 11 and 12

  Oh, blissful days of mine. Oh, blissful days of mine. I am back at work and zumbing daily. And that’s great. Juneathon goals have been fully achieved and high levels of happiness have been zooming (or, shall I say, zumbing!!) around. Yesterday, was Zumba fitness (the “normal” one) where you spend a full hour shaking all your […]

When life comes between us and exercise – Juneathon Days 7 to 10

It has been 4 days since the last blog entry. Crazy days returning to the UK and immediately going back to work. So far, I have been exercising, but with very different levels of happiness. Thus, the question of the day? How good it is to exercise “correctly” (i.e., achieving the daily recommended guidelines) if one […]

When denial helps you exercise – Juneathon, day #3

So,  I did a spinning class today, and it was not that bad. So far Juneathon 2012 has been flawless! But, is spinning something I may consider doing on a regular basis and feel happy about it? No, I don’t think so. I entered the room and saw people adjusting their spinners in many different […]