Out of the comfort zone

All my life I did sports with a low degree of uncertainty. This means that the environments in which these sports are performed are not likely to change. Swimming, gymnastics, yoga, and now Zumba are activities performed in very stable environments. I always liked this constancy. Even running is too uncertain for me to enjoy! Or cycling (what if I have a flat tyre? God forbid!!).  A bit of a control freak, I suppose! 

But facing challenges and leaping a bit into the unknown is good for us. I would never be able to do bungee-jumping or white-water rafting or any kind of free-fall aerial acrobatics that would most definitely give me a heart attack or would  keep me totally out of my mind for a  loooong period of time. No way…

At the same time, however, I always thought that I should challenge myself a bit more, sportwise, I mean. So here’s the dilemma! What sits between yoga and bungee-jumping? Flying trapeze, of course! Stable enough to ensure a low-level of uncertainty (believe me…you will be totally bundled in stainless steel cables) and amazingly challenging at the same time. So, I did it, this past January…in Bristol at Circomedia. And I took with me my 7 year-old daughter who also tried this fine art, 7 metres high, through the ceilings of the beautiful St Paul’s Church. One should lead by example!

I am posting some YouTube clips of our performances. Looking at my daughter’s clip you will see why I say that flying trapeze is a stable activity…please note that when she opens her hands and lets the bar go…nothing happens. She stays floating in the air being solidly held by the cables.

I had a hard time with the damned ladder. It left me bruised for more than a week. Climbing up caused some nausea.  The platform was about 30 cm width and the trapeze bar was heavy as hell. It took me three goes to be able to hang on my legs and fly upside-down. But I came home with a much greater feeling of empowerment and much happier…and these feelings are still transferring nicely to other aspects of my life. Next time I want to do a catch!

Check the YouTube clips below:

Climbing the damned ladder 


Brave little girl





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